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We offer universal, height adjusted, mid-flight and spiral staircases produced by popular Italian companies. The presented models are universal, perfectly entered in space and save a useful area.

The majority of the models are combined — wood and metal. Stairways differ with simplicity of installation, are delivered in the complete set with all fixing elements, and, by the client’s wish, can be completed by video data with instructions on assemblage.



Kompact is a unique stairway with adjustable lifting, width of a step, height, depth and turn. Its flexibility gives possibility of creation of infinite number of configurations of a direct stairway, stairway with 1/4 (model L) or 2/4 turn (model U) and to pick up a corresponding alternative for any area.

Stairway is completed by an internal handrail. Steps are made of a file of a firm beech, metal support and a balustrade — black, white or grey colour. The hand-rail is made of a file of a firm beech, accessories of black colour for backstairs and grey colour for stairways executed in grey and white. The staircase can include a set of steps, an external handrail, a balustrade.

Number of liftings: 13
Number of steps: 12
Width of steps: 18–22 cm (Kompact 74) or 22–26 cm (Kompact 89)
Standard height: 225–303 cm
Maximum height: 373 cm


This stairway is specially made for narrow spaces. Its flexible basic structure is made of steel blocks. The staircase is in three colours: black, white or grey. Accessories are all in black.

The zigzag arrangement and the corresponding form of the polished beechen steps guarantee maximum use of space without any harm to functionality. Karina’s hand-rail is provided on the one side.

Maximum height: 329 cm


This stairway is made of steel in three colours: black, white, grey. polyurethane hand-rail — black colour. Steps are covered with black overlays that are made of a wearproof antisliding material.

Civik is delivered with an universal staircase platform that can be established in ceiling apertures of any form and the size. The decision on a bend direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) can be accepted at the moment of installation. If necessary it is possible to buy additional balustrades (120 cm each).

Diameter: 120, 140 or 160 cm
Standard height: 252–305 cm
Maximum height: 376 cm


This stairway is made of black, white or grey coloured steel combined with steps from natural polished beechen tree.

Klan is delivered with a staircase platform that can be built-in in a ceiling aperture of any shape and the size. The decision on a bend direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) can be accepted at the moment of installation.

Diameter: 120, 140 or 160 cm
Standard height: 253–306 cm
Maximum height: 377 cm

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